Merry Christmas from the Bodensteiners!

Our family would like to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season this year. Thank you for being part of our lives!

Our year started off great with a visit from my father. We look forward to his visit every year which he always times with his and Grace’s birthday. In February, we were fortunate enough to be able to use one of the perks from Beth’s job at Holland America Line and we took the kids on their first cruise.

It was a big month for us, because when we got back from the cruise, we got a puppy! He is an Australian Labradoodle named Crosby. He was born in West Seattle on Christmas Day in 2015. Crosby was definitely the highlight of our year. He is an amazing dog and is a wonderful addition to our family.

Summer Vacation
During our summer vacation we went to Hollywood and Yosemite National Park. The family got to spend Beth’s 40th birthday at Disneyland! Crosby didn’t come with us but he did get to spend a couple of weeks in a nice Board & Train facility in North Seattle. It was pretty much like a vacation for him too. Other summer fun included camping, soccer camp, riding bikes, a family reunion in Oregon, and Gracie getting a chance to play Liesel in “The Sound of Music”.

Jack turned 7 years old in June and has entered the 2nd grade. He continues to surprise us with his quick wit and usually inappropriate comments. His interests include karate, soccer, nerf guns, Pokemon, and baseball cards.

Grace is very close to 10 years old now and is in 4th grade. Grace loves drama and singing. She got to act in the school play this year, the Lion King. She also became a Girl Scout. Need some cookies? She also does karate and soccer like Jack, and started playing the Violin and Basketball this year.

Both children have stopped their piano lessons for the time being. Hopefully we will pick it back up in 2017. The play structure in the backyard has been dismantled and removed. The children used it pretty hard, I think we got our money’s worth from it. While the children and I were taking it apart, Jack said, “I’m sure gonna miss this thing”. Me too, buddy. I wonder if something will take its place?

Beth continues to enjoy her job. She traveled a lot for work this year and while she hates being away from the family she does get to go to some pretty cool places.

Merry Christmas!

Here are some pictures of the children with Santa through the years.