The BODENSTEINER family would like to wish YOU and YOURS another wonderful holiday season! We are SO grateful to have you in our lives! If you have found yourself here by way of Christmas Card, it SHOULD have read “The Bodensteiners / Beth, Ken, Grace, Jack, AND CROSBY!”. It is a HUGE mistake leaving off Crosby’s name. It’s a good thing he can’t read (yet).

“Dear Ken, Grace is doing terble in class and she is expeled permanent”

Our year started off with bit of a Christmas hangover. It IS possible that this family over-does the Christmas™. The kids got a trampoline last year, which has been a pretty sweet addition to our backyard. So far, the injuries have been minimal.

Grace went back to school after Christmas break and got expelled! It’s true! We got a note from school’s principal and here it is as proof!

Jack learns crib from Grandpa.

Ken’s father, H. K. “Butch” Bodensteiner, came for a visit in January from his home in Anchorage, Alaska. His visits are always wonderful and he gets to spend some time with the grandkids and get out of Alaska for a week or so. We take him to the same restaurant (Jak’s) every year on his birthday. During his visit this year he taught Jack how to play cribbage.

Cousin Ben Valladares at Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Ken got invited to visit nephew Ben Valladares at his school “Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School” during “Special Persons’ Day” in February. It’s a great school in West Seattle where all three Valladares nephews (Max, Ben, and Sam) are getting an excellent education. Max was elected school president this year.

February also brought snow to Seattle which is always AWESOME. We were fortunate enough to find ourselves in the very beautiful and scenic island of Hawai’i during Lafayette’s mid-winter break.

Lafayette’s Flag Football Team Spring 2017

In March, Jack joined his first baseball team, the Pilots. The Pilots were a wonderful team of children that learned a LOT about baseball in a very short time. The teamwork and sportsmanship that we witnessed was remarkable. Jack really, really, REALLY enjoyed it and is looking forward to becoming a “Professional Baseball Player” when he gets older. He played on the Flag Football team against Lafayette’s rival school, Genesse Hill. We didn’t win that game but the kids had a hell of a good time.

The three Juliets!

Beth and Grace went to Camp Coleman for Lafayette’s 4th Grade camping trip where they learned sometimes you are allowed to look at the rainbows, and sometimes you aren’t. Grace also went to Camp River Ranch and spent two weeks at Girl Scout Day Camp at Camp Long with her Girl Scout Troop. Grace is in an EXCELLENT troop of girls and they have a great time with their WONDERFUL troop leader. Grace performed multiple roles in Lafayette’s performance of “The Little Mermaid” and opened the show with the first line and song! She also performed in a version of “Moana” over the summer and in the fall she was in “Romeo and Juliet” as… JULIET!!


No matter how much we tell people it rains here ALL THE TIME, they keep moving here. Rain makes things grow. It’s mostly weeds in our little patch of land but this year, we found a four leaf clover in the GARDEN! SO LUCKY! We managed to install a new vegetable garden in May, and got some pretty nice carrots, tomatoes, and kale over the summer!

Leslie Francis & Ken Bodensteiner awarded the Lafayette PTA’s Golden Acorn Award for the 2016-17 school year.

Ken swindled and cheated a number of more deserving people and received Lafayette PTA’s Golden Acorn Award. He totally let this award go to his head which gave him the confidence to also groom the dog. The result was stitches, a cone, and a really bad haircut for Crosby – just in time for our road trip to Yosemite and the Russian River. We left our wounded and goofy looking dog with the HEMBROWS; our extremely RADICAL and understanding neighbors.  BAD BODENSTEINERS! BAD!! NO!!

Don’t worry about that sign that says “DANGER”.

Beth continued her work at Holland America Line and added some new responsibilities this year which is a good change of pace.  A highlight was certainly the O Magazine Adventure of Your Life Cruise where Beth got to meet Oprah Winfrey!  She also got to travel to Denali National Park and check out the cruise line’s properties up in Alaska.  She continues to try her hand at golf and joined a golf league this summer.  The best part of this new hobby though is that Jack likes to go to the range with her. Beth also got to take Grace and Jack to the Ed Sheeran concert this summer, Jack’s first concert ever!  Another first, the kids got to see a Mariner’s game.  We can’t remember if they won or not but it was a great afternoon regardless.

More Photos!

Here are some pictures of the children with Santa through the years.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Bodensteiner Family! Wishing peace, love, and kindness to your family during this time when we could all use a little bit more.

PS: Thank you Desiree & Kelly for Santa’s Breakfast! ALSO! Maya Boriboon and Jen Wheatley had Ken’s vote for the Golden Acorn! YOU GUYS RULE! KEN ROBBED YOU! MAYA COME BACK! Ken built a little wordpress website for Robert Karmon this year. Go buy his book, ISAAC!

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